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Epic Professional Printing and Promotional Materials in Visalia will handle all your direct to garment printing needs from start to finish. DTG is the latest technology in fabric printing which prints any image directly onto a garment or fabric without needing any set up, screens, mesh, positive films and /or anything else that is needed for screen printing.

The ECO friendly water based ink is printed directly onto fabric which results in exceptional “soft feel” and offers more flexibility than screen-printing in terms of color variation and turn-around time (especially for smaller orders). The higher the quality of your image / design, the better the outcome will be.

Beware that there are many ordinary paper printers modified to print on fabric but only the printers that are made for garment printing would produce quality prints and just like any other equipment in the market, there are low quality and high quality equipments and we have chosen the best in the industry to guarantee your satisfaction.


White this printer, any full color image can be printed on a white fabric without needing a white base since the fabric is white. (Imagine painting a white wall). This machine can be used for printer on very light color fabric (see images to the side) the only issue is the color of the fabric will effect the tone of colors in your design, also the white area of your design will be the color of the fabric. The darker the fabric , the less you'll see colors. We recommend using DTG on dark for color fabric and/ or to show of area of your image to be white.


Any light color ink on a dark color fabric requires a white under base especially if there's white color in the design. We have the best DTG printer on color shirts since it sprays a white under base before printing the colors.

Don't worry if you are not artistically inclined, there are a number of clipart and template programs on the marketplace that will streamline the process for you. The general rule of DTG printing is that if the image looks good when printed at the size you you like to be when using your office / home printer, then it will look good on a shirt. In short, the higher the quality of your image/design, the better the outcome will be.

NOTE: DTG on color shirt printers print anything that is in the image, especially the white borders around pictures that you may not want to be printed.